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RemoteSpy - Installation Guide

This Tutorial was designed to assist you in the use of RemoteSpy (Remote Internet Monitoring Software). The following tutorial will give you visual references and explain in detail how to begin using the Remote Spy Software and user control panel. Once you have read this tutorial, we believe you will have a better understanding of how to use RemoteSpy and the features associated with it. We encourage all subscribers to read the online tutorial before writing our support team. Many questions concerning your purchase questions will also be found in the RemoteSpy tutorial.

Step 1 See Visual Reference

Once you have completed your online purchase via our secure server you will be directed to a download link and instructions on how to proceed with creating your RemoteSpy user account. Remember to read the information carefully. You will also receive an email explaining the details of your order. The title of the email will be "RemoteSpy - Full Version Order Information". Your credit card statement will show a bill from "Plimus Online Store".

Step 2
See Visual Reference

Click on the download link or copy and paste the address into your browser to begin downloading the RemoteSpy configuration software. Once the download has been completed, proceed to install the RemoteSpy configuration wizard. This configuration software is used to create your RemoteSpy monitoring module. The application is self explanatory simple point and click to start the setup procedure.

Step 3 See Visual Reference

Now that you have successfully installed the RemoteSpy configuration software, it is time to create your personalized Member Account. Your Member account is your key to using RemoteSpy, as you need a username/password to access any and all areas of the software. Your username and password are necessary for logging into your account and reviewing recorded log data, as well as for creating your RemoteSpy module for remote or local deployment.

To create your account, you must first check your e-mail inbox for your Order ID. This e-mail was sent to the e-mail address you specified when ordering RemoteSpy. You should have received this right after you installed the software (within a few moments after purchase). The subject of the e-mail is "RemoteSpy - Full Version Order Information".

Step 4 See Visual Reference

Now that you have the e-mail containing your RemoteSpy Order ID you are ready to begin creating your personalized RemoteSpy Member account. You can access the RemoteSpy Member Account Creation Wizard by clicking the following link:

The Registration is simple and takes literally seconds to complete. We ask for some details regarding your account information. The details will not be shared with anyone and are stored in a secure location. Only you may access these details with a username and password you create.

  • Your Username: This is your desired RemoteSpy username. You create this name on your own while registering your RemoteSpy members account.
  • Your Password: This is your RemoteSpy members account password. It is imperative that you remember this password as it is necessary to gain access to your RemoteSpy members account, as well as when creating your RemoteSpy configuration module. Your password is also case sensitive so this means that for example ("name" is NOT the same as "NAME").

  • Your Full Name: This is first and last name. It should be the same as the name used when purchasing RemoteSpy. Remember, we do not share your name or details with anyone. This is strictly for registration purposes.

  • Your E-Mail Address: This is your e-mail address. This should be one that you can have RemoteSpy account information mailed to if necessary.

  • Your Order ID: Your Order ID is the Reference Number you received upon ordering the software. This is an important value, and must be accurate. You can find your Order ID inside the e-mail you received upon completed purchase.

Step 5 See Visual Reference
By now you should have already created your RemoteSpy members account and you are ready to login! To login to your RemoteSpy members account simply visit This will take you directly to the login screen where you will type in the username and password you create during registration.

Note: If, when you attempt to login (after entering your username and password and clicking "Login Now), you are brought back to the login screen, please see our frequently asked questions. You must ensure that your cookies are turned on, and that there are not any third party applications that are blocking cookies from being placed on your PC.

Proceed to Step 6


Automatically Records:

  • All Applications
  • All Web Sites Visited
  • All Chat Conversations
  • All Keystrokes Typed
  • All Display Screens
  • All Emails Typed
  • Plus Much More!

Automatically Records:

  • AOL Chat Rooms
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • MSN Instant Messenger
  • ICQ Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Trillian Messenger
  • All Chat Rooms

Can Secretly Record:

  • Your Children
  • Your Employees
  • Any User On Your Computer!

Our Bonus Features:

  • Super Stealth Mode
  • Password Protection
  • Realtime Recording
  • Automatic Recording
  • Inactivity Timeout
  • Fast File Searching
  • Log File Exporting


Shocking Facts:

57% of people have used the Internet to flirt online.

38% of people have engaged in online chats of explicit sexual nature.

31% of people have had an online conversation that has led to real-time sex.

70% of all Internet porn surfing traffic occurs during the nine-to-five work day.

37% of children have been solicited online for sex in the past year.

77% of all U.S. companies keep tabs on employees by spying on their Internet surfing and e-mail.

27% of companies say that they have fired employees for misuse of internet connections.



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