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Keystroke Recorder
Keystroke Logger Info Guide

The following is a guide to help you understand the function of a Keystroke Recorder (AKA Keylogger, Keyboard Monitor, Keycatcher). It is important to remember a keystroke recorder can be useful in many ways. Our guide will outline the importance of a keystroke recorder and also the negative aspects surrounding this controversial piece of software or hardware.

A keystroke logger is primarily used for the purpose of gathering information on your computer. Keystroke capturing devices are readily available over the internet, in Spy shops across the country etc. The 2 types of keystroke recording devices are listed below:

  • Hardware Keystroke Recorder - This device is a hardware product which is attached between the keyword connection and your computer cpu. The hardware keystroke logger or "Keylogger" will record keystrokes until it runs out of memory space. The typical storage space on a hardware keystroke logger is 2,000,000 + KeyStrokes.

  • Software Keystroke Logger - This device is a software application which is loaded on your computer like any other software via a cdrom, floppy disk or download. The application once installed intercepts your typed keys and stores them in a log file. The software keystroke recorder usually remains hidden and can only be accessed with a username and password created by the individual who installed the keystroke logger.

Several situations have been identified for which a hardware keylogger, like the KeyGhost, or a software keylogger like RemoteSpy may be useful. These products do, in fact, provide good information and are often used for many things.

  • As a key logger tool for computer fraud investigations.
  • As a monitoring device for detecting unauthorized access.
  • As a deterrent, to prevent unacceptable use of company resources.
  • As a back up tool which creates a log of all keystrokes typed on a keyboard.
  • As a parenting tool for monitoring children's Internet activity.
  • As a tool for employers to catch illicit employee behavior.

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Keystroke Recorder Software:
Are you in need of a keystroke recorder to record computer and internet activity on your PC? If so Remote Spy Software may be a good choice for your needs. By purchasing a license of Remote Spy you can record as many keystrokes as you need secretly and completely hidden from any user on your computer. Remote Spy also records many other area's of your computer, including websites visited, chat conversations + More! If you want to find out more about RemoteSpy simply navigate our site. You can also purchase our powerful keystroke logger by simply clicking order below.

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Automatically Records:

  • All Applications
  • All Web Sites Visited
  • All Chat Conversations
  • All Keystrokes Typed
  • All Display Screens
  • All Emails Typed
  • Plus Much More!

Automatically Records:

  • AOL Chat Rooms
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • MSN Instant Messenger
  • ICQ Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Trillian Messenger
  • All Chat Rooms

Can Secretly Record:

  • Your Children
  • Your Employees

Our Bonus Features:

  • Password Protection
  • Realtime Recording
  • Automatic Recording
  • Inactivity Timeout
  • Fast File Searching
  • Log File Exporting



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